How To Apply

STEP 1: Student Enrolment Application

  • Read the Primus English Terms and Conditions of Enrolment in the Student Handbook
  • Attach certified/notarised supporting documentation required in English with the application
  • Attach certified/notarised supporting documentation required in English with the application (please refer to “Enrolment Application Checklist” at the bottom)

STEP 2: Assessment of Application

  • Primus English may require an interview with the student or may ask for more documents related to the application process during the application assessment period

STEP 3: Primus English Course Offer

  • If your application is successful, you will receive a written Letter of Offer

STEP 4: Student Acceptance of Offer

  • To accept the offer, sign the student acceptance agreement and Letter of Offer, and initial each page
  • Submit any outstanding documents based on conditions on offer letter (if any)
  • Student may be required to attend Skype Interview with Primus English prior to confirmation of enrolment
  • If homestay and airport pickup are required, please complete the Homestay and Airport Reception Application Form
  • Send all of the above documents to

STEP 5: Student Making Payment According to Course Offer

  • More information on payment options will be provided with your Letter of Offer

STEP 6: Primus English Issuing Confirmation of Enrolment Letter (eCoE)

  • Primus English will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) to the student upon receiving a completed Primus English student acceptance agreement and tuition fee payment

STEP 7: Student Visa Application

  • Please ensure that you include the eCoE(s) with your visa application and following documents if required:

Please note that in some cases your visa application requires below documents from students: to get more information visit below link:

  • English Language Requirement: Under the SSVF, good news is that, there is no limitation on the maximum duration of English course study that could be undertaken. Genuine students will be able to undertake as much English Course study as either a standalone course or prior to their principal course, as required. For more information:
  • Genuine Temporary Entrants (GTE): An assessment of how genuine an individual is will be carried out in a bid to prove that the individual in question only wishes to stay in Australia temporarily. Individual circumstances ranging from personal factors that may encourage an individual to return to their home country to immigration history are used when conducting this assessment. For more information:
  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection can still request additional documentation on a case-by-case basis. Like medical check-up, Student family History etc.
  • Student who are interested in pathways after English courses: Where the student enrols with Primus English and one of our pathway providers, such as Kangan Bendigo TAFE, ALG, ASM, ALTEC, etc. the risk rating becomes linked to the final provider.

Please consult with your local education agent (if involved) about any visa application matters or visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website for more details on visa application to Australia:

STEP 8: Primus English final confirmation of homestay and Airport Pickup

STEP 9: Student Arrival for their course at Primus English

  • Attend orientation at Primus English – see offer letter for orientation dates and time:

Please ensure that you bring the following documents to orientation: your eCoE, your OSHC evidence, your letter of offer or evidence of payment, your passport and copy of your visa.

During orientation we can help you with information on higher education pathways to courses that will help you build a successful career.

Enrolment Application Checklist

  • A certified/notarised copy of identification page(s) of your passport
  • A certified/notarised copy of the previous academic report in English

Extra Documents if required

Additional documents for on-shore student

  • A certified copy of your academic report from Australian education provider
  • A copy of your current visa
  • A copy of your current eCoEs
  • A release letter from your current education provider (if any)
  • A copy of your current overseas student health cover card (OSHC)

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