Student Support

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Primus English offers a range of academic support:

  • For students who may be facing academic challenges, our Academic Manager is available to consultation
  • For students who feel the level allocated is either too difficult or not challenging enough, their teacher and the Academic Manager are available to discuss the options
  • Students are given feedback by the teachers on a weekly basis
  • Students are given weekly tests to assess all 4 skills
  • The students have a wide array of homework options to cater for individual needs
  • Our unique online learning community allows students to learn at their own pace


Current or prospective students can contact the support team at for assistance with any of the following:

    • Academic and future progress advice
    • Any difficulties with your study
    • Visa assistance
    • Work permits
    • Immigration inquiries
    • Healthcare advice
    • All other student welfare matters

All relevant student policies and procedures are located within the Student Handbook.

Student Services and Assistance

The student services team can help you with the following:

  • Applying for your Tax File Number or ABN: these are essential numbers given by the Australian Taxation Office which will enable you to work legally in the country
  • Reviewing your Resume
  • Giving you interview advice and tips
  • Helping you to find jobs
  • Opening your bank account in Australia

The student services team is also available in case you need to discuss any matters. Please approach us if there are any problems, whether they are of academic or personal nature. All meetings are of course confidential. Sometimes it is hard for students to adapt to a new country. Primus English can also provide you with counselling within the school or organise you an external one that speaks your language.

As a student in Australia, you must have health insurance throughout the whole length of your visa. Even if you are under a tourist or Working Holiday visa, we still advise you to acquire overseas visitor’s health insurance to keep yourself safe throughout your stay in Australia.

Primus English OSHC provider is Allianz, and you can find all forms, lists of available doctors and cover information by visiting their website:

It is the objective and policy of the Australian Government that overseas students in Australia have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding environment to study. Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. These laws are known as the ESOS framework and they include the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code 2007. To find more information about your Rights and Responsibilities as a student, please click here.

You can also download the Primus English Student Handbook, which has important information and contacts for you to have a safe and enjoyable stay in Australia.


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