Student Testimonials


My experience in Primus English has been excellent. The classes are well structured, the exercises and techniques were very useful. Teachers and staff are friendly and supportive. I feel my English has improved significantly. Thank you Primus!” – Marianna

The atmosphere is very positive, relaxed, and friendly. It’s been very useful for me. Thank you!” – Joe

I’m really happy that I could study English in Primus. Awesome teachers, nice friends, good location. I couldn’t find a bad thing about Primus. Thanks a lot for everything. Love Primus! The best school ever!” – Narumi

I highly recommend Primus! Staff are very friendly and helpful. I did the OET Preparation course for 5 weeks and I got A and B! Thank you Primus!” – Letitia

Wonderful class! Awesome teacher and lovely classmates. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Primus is a very good English school.” – Fha

They are not only teachers. They are teacher, manager, counsellors and friends. They teach English and life. Because of them, I could survive in Australia. I strongly recommend here.” – Wonwoo

Wonderful class! Awesome teacher and all staff are nice and friendly. Primus is an excelent english school. I highly recommended!” – Jefferson

“I really appreciated General English course, I always learnt something new, for everyday life and more. Fantastic teacher and staff and international students… you need to try it for yourself!” – Ida

After coming to Primus I realised how easy it could be to express your feelings in your second language. All the credit goes to Mr. Mark Switzer, the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you mark for those interactive learning sessions and making English learning so easy & interesting. This class has certainly developed my intellectual skills and boosted my self esteem!” – Sailee

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